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X Pert Highscore Windows 7 [Latest-2022]

ok Jordan_U, that sounds good. !it > Chryseus Intelo, Sorry, I've had a stomach bug lately that has prevented me from being able to concentrate I want to try out some of the new features in Amarok 1.4.8. How do I get rid of all of my old MP3's? flipstar: not cool Jordan_U, still, i hope that itll be a quick one Intelo, Hopefully not long, that is the beauty of it :) CapTech: get the live cd and install gutsy bazhang: And just do a clean install, or is there any way to upgrade directly to gutsy without reinstalling? bazhang: Oh, I see. hi, i just updated to gutsy and i have a problem with nvidia drivers.. my screen resolution is no longer correct, it shows 1024x768 instead of 1280x1024 or something like that.. and i had to change the screen resolution to fix this and now everything is normal but when i close the lid of my laptop the screen goes black, i have to click anywhere on my keyboard to get my screen back on again CapTech: yes you can upgrade from gutsy to hardy beta Kewlbhatesyou: you need to install a ndiswrapper package for it to work with broadcom bazhang: How do I do that? CapTech: please go to #ubuntu+1 for that bazhang: My pleasure. Thanks. no problem I'm only in #ubuntu+1 for about 2 minutes. I've never heard of that place. I'm going to have to take a look at it. why does my windows manager crashed from the theme ? CapTech: its where people ask about ubuntu+1. how to fix it? Cap

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